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If you have been told your air conditioner is short-cycling, you may be wondering what on earth that means exactly. Short-cycling is unfortunately a fairly common malfunction that occurs if your unit hasn’t been properly maintained or was not installed correctly. In a nutshell, short-cycling is when the AC compressor turns on and off rapidly, making the AC essentially ineffective and ineffective.

The air compressor is a vital competent of your air conditioning system. The air compressors main function is to change the liquid refrigerant in the system into a hot high-pressure gas that travel through the system. It absorbs the heat from inside and then releases it outside before it begins starting the cooling process. The compressor is not designed to run continuously so when it is short-cycling it’s harmful to the unit. Short-cycling will lead also lead to higher electric bills and it will most likely won’t have time to reach and cool all the rooms.

There are several things that may cause your unit to short-cycle and not all of the things that cause it are major problems. For example, a simple clogged air filter can cause short-cycling and be fixed by just replacing the filter. If that doesn’t appear to be the problem the you may need to call an HVAC professional. Possible problems include a need for refrigerant or a miscalibrated thermostat.

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