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The spring season is in full swing and summer will be here before we know it. Before the heat hits us here in Louisville, this is a perfect time to learn about your HVAC unit. We’ve put together a list of reasons why your air conditioner might stop working, and the ways to fix it. which will come in handy this summer if this unfortunate event happens to you.

During the summer months, the last thing that you want to deal with in your home is having your air conditioner stop working. If this happens, there are steps that you should take to inspect your unit and see if there is an easy fix to the problem:

  • If you notice that the temperature in your home feels a little warmer than normal, check your thermostat immediately. This is the most simple step in detecting a problem with your air conditioner. Many people overlook the fact that their thermostat may have mistakenly been set at the wrong temperature. If you notice that this has happened, set your thermostat back to normal, and check to see if your home starts to cool down. Additionally, if you have an energy saving thermostat, be sure to check the batteries in the system.
  • The next thing to do if you suspect a problem with your air conditioner is to check the air filter. If your air filter is clogged with dust, dirt, pet fur, etc. it can cause your air conditioning system to not work as effectively, or at all in extreme cases. Install a new, clean air filter and see if that helps your cooling system run more effectively. Also, keep in mind that neglecting to change your air filter for long periods of time reduce the life-span of your HVAC unit and can raise the cost of your energy bills.
  • Once you have confirmed that you have a clean air filter and that the thermostat is set correctly, check to see if you have blown a fuse or tripped the breaker. This can commonly happen in households and is an easy fix.

Once you have checked these three things, see if your home starts to cool back down. If these steps do not seem to fix the problem, it is time to call a heating and cooling professional to inspect your air conditioning unit and determine the problem. If you have any problems with your HVAC unit this spring or summer, call Airtech to find a solution and get your unit working quickly.

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