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We’re all looking for ways to lower our energy bills, and with warmer weather ahead it is important to start thinking about ways to keep your energy costs lower this summer. During the summer you are using your air conditioning often, if not all the time, which raises energy bills to prices that are less than pleasing. Here are a few simple, do-it-yourself, tips that will help you keep your energy costs as low as possible this spring and summer.

  • CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER! We say this often, but regularly changing your air filter is a great way to keep your HVAC unit running as efficiently as possible. When¬†your air filter is clogged, air flow is restricted, resulting in higher cooling costs.
  • Set your thermostat to a higher temperature when you are not at home. Setting your thermostat to 78 degrees is perfect temperature for your HVAC unit to run at optimal performance. If 78 degrees is a little too warm for you to be able to stay comfortable in your home, turn it up to 78 or 80 degrees while you are at work, then turn it back down once you return home. Remember,¬†Lowering your temperature just 5 degrees can increase the energy your unit is using by 40%, so be sure that you are keeping your home at the right temperature for your comfort and for your budget.
  • Run your ceiling fans and air conditioner at the same time. Having the air flow from the fans in your home will make it feel cooler than it is. This allows you to set your thermostat at a higher temperature, decreasing the energy used and the cost of your bill.

Try these simple suggestions at home to keep your energy bills as low as possible this spring and summer.

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