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Your attic and basement are likely the two most commons places in your home where energy loss is taking place. They could even be causing you to spend extra money each month, but the good news is there are ways to improve these areas. Read on to learn about our best tips to improve your attic and basement.


  • Insulation is a huge part of keeping cool air in your home and heat out, or vice versa. If you do not have enough insulation in place, or if your insulation has not been replaced in a while, it may be time to update this in your attic. If you are noticing that your energy bills have been abnormally high, have a professional come out to your home to make sure that your insulation is in good condition.


Sealing Air:

  • Leaks in your home near windows and doors can let in warm or cool air that make it harder for your HVAC system to regulate the temperature in your home. Check around common areas where air can get in, such as window frames, doors, and chimneys. If you find any problems, seals these cracks and that should help your HVAC system run more efficiently.


Moisture Control:

  • Attics and basements often suffer from humidity, especially during certain times of the year. This humidity causes areas to feel damp, raising the humidity throughout your home, and causing you to feel uncomfortably warm. When this happens, most people lower the temperature on your air conditioning unit, which raises your monthly bill. To help lower the humidity in your home there are a few places to check in your attic and in your basement. In the basement, check for plumbing problems and leaks. You can also check your foundation walls, and if you notice any cracks or gaps, that may be causing the humidity problem. In the attic area, check for roof leaks, damp areas, and moldy insulation. You can also have the ventilation system checked, which will help aerate the attic, if it is working properly.


If you have noticed that your energy bills are more expensive then you would like them to be, call Airtech today to see how you can make your home more cost efficient.

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