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When choosing paint colors for your home it’s highly unlikely that you stopped to consider how those colors affect the energy-efficiency of your home.  But in fact colors can definitely have an affect on the natural temperature of your home.  It is pretty well known that dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect heat away, but many people forget about this when painting their home.

You may have noticed when looking a homes in tropical locations or warmer climates that the colors are light colors like white, pink, and light greens and blues. It is most likely that the inside of these homes are also light in color.   White paint can can be up to 35% cooler when compared to dark colored walls. Most people don’t want stark white walls, but light colors will still have the same effect.

In addition to the light paint there are other ways to reduce the temperature of the home without having to up the air conditioner.  Whole house fans in the attic  or near the roof helps to supply cool air through the home.  If you are building a home in a warmer climate you will also want to consider the material your home is built in. Concrete or brick is the most energy efficient building materials as opposed to stucco or vinyl siding.

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