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To most people, the air conditioner is a pretty important piece of home equipment, but it can certainly be an eyesore.  The compressor is often in a forgotten area of the yard and can often end up being a space of weeds and neglected landscaping.  Here are some landscaping suggestions to help the area look better.

There are several options for the area around the unit.  First decide if you want to go with rock or mulch. You do want the unit up off the ground material, we suggest a concrete slab. Any plants around the unit should be kept at least 3 feet from the compressor. Plants or weeds up against the unit can cause the air system to overheat.  If you want to plant with the purpose of hiding the eyesore that is your unit, get plants that are about 2 feet tall or taller.

Mixing shrubs and perennials will help fill the space, while providing color and greenery throughout the year.  We recommend astilbe.  Astilbe grows to be about 29 inches tall, has lush green leaves, and puffy colorful plumes in the summer. Hydrangeas are also a good choice, as they get to be about 4 feet tall and are also colorful in the summer months.


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