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There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with being a pet owner. If you are a pet owner there are some extra steps that you can take to ensure that your HVAC system is running effectively and efficiently. Doing these things will be helpful in extending the life of your HVAC unit and can help your system run easily, which can help lower utility costs.

  • Keep your air filter clean. Most air filters need to be changed out every 3-4 months, but when you have pets, they need to be changed more often. Pet hair can clog your air filter, so it should be checked every month to make sure that it is clean and clear.
  • Keep your pet clean. An easy way to keep good air quality in your home is to keep your pets clean and brushed. Regularly brushing and bathing your pet can improve the quality of air in your home.
  • Enclose your outdoor unit. Your condenser unit outside can be easily damaged by pets. Dogs, especially, spend a lot of time outside and can become interested in your outdoor unit. Chewing or pawing at condenser coils can damage your unit and can be dangerous for your pet. Additionally, it is common for dogs to mark their territory on different objects in the yard by urinating on them, which can cause the fans of the unit to erode over time. You can solve these issues by installing a fence or barrier around your unit to keep pets away.
  • Enclose any exposed wires. Animals are naturally curious and can become interested in chewing on exposed wires around your HVAC. If you notice any exposed wires around your unit you can enclose themĀ in conduits.

Follow these simple tips to keep your pets safe and improve the efficiency of your unit.

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