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Are you planning to finish your basement?  A finished basement not only adds to the value of your home but also gives your family more living space. Basements are a great location for an extra bedroom, a rec room, or a man cave. Many basements are much colder due to 1.) being underground and 2.) the HVAC unit was only installed with the purpose of servicing the upstairs.  Your current heating and cooling system may or may not have enough power to properly handle the additional living space.

If you have determined that your current system can not handle the job addition you will have to decide if it makes more sense to add on to your system with a heating and cooling system just for the basement or upgrade the entire system. This decision may be largely based on the age of your current system and whether or not it is due to be replaced anyway.  This additional heating and air in the basement whether of a new unit or an upgraded one will most likely require additional duct work be run.

Basement moisture is a problem in many basements so you may want to install a moisture control system like a whole house dehumidifier. If you are finishing a basement in Louisville and need help with heating and cooling the new space give us a call at Airtech Heating & Cooling.

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