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In Louisville, we are now hopefully done with the furnace for the season many people are still using their humidifiers to fight that dry winter air.  It’s a good idea to periodically check your whole home humidifier’s water panel and replace it for peak performance.

What Is a Humidifier Water Panel?

The humidifier filter is an important component in your unit and is located within the humidifier’s scale control insert, under the water distribution tray. The water passing through the filter can become clogged with mineral buildup and when this happens you run the risk of the humidifier leaking and being unable to let water pass through it.  This causes a back up that will cause water to backup into the humidifier and can even spill out and into your heating and cooling system. In other words, not changing the filter regularly can have a costly side effect.  In addition to a back up, a dirty filter makes the blower motor work harder to push air through, taking its toll on the longevity of the system.

How Often Should You Change My Humidifier Filter?

Just like furnace filters, you should change your humidifier filter.  How often you change it depends on how quickly it becomes clogged.  Change it a minimum of once a year, but twice a year is more reasonable.  Do yourself a favor and just check it each season.

How Do You Change My Humidifier Water Panel?

Changing the water panel is easy and you shouldn’t need to call an HVAC technician to do it, unless it’s just part of your annual maintenance visit.

  1. Open the exterior panel cover on the humidifier.
  2. Remove the humidifier water panel’s enclosure from the unit.
  3. Take the used humidifier water panel out of the enclosure and throw it away.
  4. Slide a new humidifier water panel into the enclosure.
  5. Replace the enclosure within your whole home humidifier – make sure it is inserted in the correct direction and is secure within the humidifier.
  6. Close the panel cover.
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