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If you are in Louisville, KY then you probably broke down like the rest of us and turned your heat on this week.  If not, it won’t be long!  Don’t wait until you are in dire need of heat to turn it on for the first time this season.  Turn it on now and make sure it’s working properly so that if it isn’t you can get it taken care of now and be ready for the truly cold weather . . . because it’s just around the corner!  Operating and heater that is not running at peak performance can cost you more than it should and can also put you at risk.

Is your heater blowing cold air?
If you are using a heat pump or furnace then cold air blowing from the vents is definitely a problem. Possible problems could be a combustion issue, leaky ducts, or a faulty thermostat. Before calling a HVAC repairman check the thermostat and make sure your thermostat isn’t set to “fan-only” or isn’t in cooling mode.

Does your heater cost too much to run?
If your LG&E bills for the winter are shockingly higher than normal there is a good chance you have a problem of some sort with efficiency.  You could just have a dirty air filter causing the inefficiency, so check it and make sure you are changing it on a regular basis.

Is your heat unreliable?
Do you notice the heat isn’t kicking on when it should be?  Or is it starting, but kicking off too soon, commonly referred to as short-cycling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be in need of heat repair.  In Louisville, KY call Airtech Heating & Cooling Services.

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