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It’s spring in Louisville, KY!  Finally!  Spring in Kentucky can bring temperatures anywhere from 30-80 degrees! so you could be running the heat or the air conditioning. Early spring is a good time to get your air conditioner ready for warmer weather.

1. Clear the Debris from Around Your Unit

On a nice spring day get out there an clear out any of the debris around your air conditioner so that it can get an unobstructed air flow.  Make sure any weeds or shrubs are at least two feet away from the condenser unit.  It’s also a good idea to spray the unit off to remove leaves, pollen, and dirt.

2. Change the Filter

Filters should be checked monthly and changed when dirty.

3. Get an AC System Tune-Up

We recommend a tune-up at the beginning of the season.   A tune-up will keep your A.C. running smoothly and reduce the chances of a major breakdown. Click here to view our $119 tune-up check list.

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