Furnace Tune-Up

Airtech Service Technicians will preform a 19-Point Gas Furnace Tune Up which includes:

  1. Cycle the furnace
  2. Blower – inspect assembly
  3. Clean or change filter (customer supplied or purchased from contractor)
  4. Verify limit operations
  5. Measure and record delta T
  6. Clean flame sensor
  7. Clean and cycle condensate pump (90% or better EF)
  8. Measure and record amp draw to blower
  9. Measure and record amp draw inducer
  10. Inspect flue pipe
  11. Measure and verify ignition protocols
  12. Clean burners
  13. Tighten electrical connections
  14. Clean and adjust pilot assembly
  15. Clean exterior
  16. Measure and adjust gas pressure
  17. Inspect heat exchanger
  18. Test for gas leaks
  19. Vacuum burner compartment
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