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Furnace Check UpFurnace Check Up PlusFurnace Tune UpDescription of Work
YesYesYesCheck Gas Valve
YesYesYesCheck Igniter
YesYesYesCheck Flame Sensor
YesYesYesCheck Blower Motor
YesYesYesCheck Inducer Motor
YesYesCleaning the Furnace
YesCycle the furnace
YesBlower – inspect assembly
YesClean or change filter (customer supplied or purchased from contractor)
YesVerify limit operations
YesMeasure and record delta T
YesClean flame sensor
YesClean and cycle condensate pump (90% or better EF)
YesMeasure and record amp draw to blower
YesMeasure and record amp draw inducer
YesInspect flue pipe
YesMeasure and verify ignition protocols
YesClean burners
YesTighten electrical connections
YesClean and adjust pilot assembly
YesClean exterior
YesMeasure and adjust gas pressure
YesInspect heat exchanger
YesTest for gas leaks
YesVacuum burner compartment
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