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Summer is essentially over. Starbucks is already selling the seasonally anticipated Pumpkin Spice Latte. As the temperatures begin to cool off you might be starting to think about that old furnace that you haven’t given another thought to since last winter.  It got you through last winter, but every year you fear it might be its last.  So the question is can you squeeze one more year out of it.

The cost of furnace repairs over time can quickly add up.  If you have had furnace repairs more frequently in the last few season it may be time to consider replacement.  There is also a good chance that aging furnace is not operating efficiently as well.  An older model gas furnace can also be a danger after 10 – 15 years, as it is more likely to allow the leak of carbon monoxide.

There becomes a point with when the repairs and inefficiency are no longer worth it.



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