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The official start to the winter season is just a couple of weeks away, which means our heaters and furnaces are about to start working overtime to keep our homes comfortable and warm. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home toasty this winter without breaking the bank with expensive utility bills, read on to learn 5 ways to prepare your home.

  1. Check your Insulation: When your insulation is working properly, heat can leave your home and cold air can easily come inside. This forces you to turn up the heat and spend extra money on energy bills to keep your house warm. If you notice that your insulation is not properly protecting your home, specifically in your attic spaces, basement areas, etc., schedule an appointment to get it replaced.
  2. Clean your Rain Gutters: After the fall season has ended, you may find yourself with gutters that are full of leaves. It is important to clean out leaves and other debris from your gutters before the winter season so that water can properly drain. As the possibility for snow and ice increases, it is important to have properly functioning gutters and drains so that when the snow and ice melts, it does not leak into your home.
  3. Repair Leaks: When you are heating your home, it is important that all of the heat that your furnace is putting out stays in the home. If your home has leaks, however, warm air can escape outside. Take the time to check around your windows, doors, vents, etc. and look for any gaps or cracks that could be letting warn air out. If you find any leaks, use simple weather stripping or foam insulation to repair the cracks.
  4. Clean or Replace your Air Vents: Another way to prepare your home for the winter is to check your air vents. Air vents can not properly transfer warm air throughout the rooms in your home if they are dirty. Check your air vents for pet hair, dust, and dirt, and clean them if necessary. Also, check to make sure that none of your air vents are being blocked by furniture or drapes. This will allow the temperature controlled, warm air to move more efficiently throughout your home.
  5. Schedule Routine Maintenance: It is always important to have routine maintenance performed on your HVAC systems throughout the years. Before you find yourself stuck in a cold home all winter, schedule an appointment with Airtech to have your furnace serviced. We will ensure that your heater is running efficiently, and if we find any issues we will repair them as quickly as possible to prevent more extensive and expensive repairs.
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