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The summer season is approaching quickly, which means we may finally get some warmer weather soon. Before we get weather that will force your to rely on your AC to keep your home cool, follow our checklist of things to do before you turn it on.

  1. Change your Filter: You should be changing your air filter every 3-4 months to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. If it hasn’t been changed in a while, do so before you turn on you AC, as this will help keep your energy bills lower.
  2. Clean Your Vents: Time for some spring cleaning! If your vents are covered by furniture, curtains, or just need a good dusting, do so before you turn on your AC. This will make it easier for your AC unit to distribute cool air around your home.
  3. Clear Debris: Time to head outside and look at your condenser. If you notice any debris or vegetation around it, clean it off so your unit can run most efficiently. This will also help prevent any major issues from arising.
  4. Check Coolant Lines: The coolant lines are the pipes that run from the evaporator on the air handler to your condenser unit outside. These pipes should be covered with a coolant insulation to prevent them from losing energy. It is important to check your coolant lines to see if there are any areas where the insulation may be missing. If you notice any areas like this, you will want to replace it by wrapping the lines with foam insulation tape.
  5. Test the Unit!

Follow these 5 simple steps to prepare your AC for the spring and summer season. If you are having issues with your AC unit this season, that cannot be fixed by one of these 5 steps, call Airtech today.

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