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We’re well into the spring season and summer will be here before we know it. Whether you’ve already kicked on the AC, or are planning on doing so soon, there are some important signs to look for to ensure that your AC is not in need of a repair this year. It is important that you take care of your AC unit to improve its life-span, lower your costs, and keep your family comfortable. Read on to learn about the top 5 signs that it might be time for an AC repair.AC Repair

  1. Water Pooling Around your Unit: If you notice any water pooling around your unit, this is a sign that your unit might be on the fritz. Some condensation naturally occurs from the cold evaporator coils, and should drain away from the unit. However, if the drain line becomes impaired, water will spill out of the unit. If you notice this, call a cooling professional to come and fix the problem. Letting the problem continue can lead to more serious problems and cost you money.
  2. Warm Air is Coming Out of your Vents: Warm air coming out of your vents in the summer can not only be frustrating, but uncomfortable, too. If you notice this, there are many potential problems that could be occurring, and you should call a professional to schedule routine repair.
  3. Unusual Sounds and Vibrations: While some units create noise when they are running, it is important to pay attention to loud, vibrating sounds. If you notice this sort of rattling sound, it is important to have your unit checked out. While it may be something minor, it is best to get it fixed so that larger issues do not arise.
  4. AC Unit Fan Not Working: One of the most frustrating experiences with your AC is going to turn it on for the season and noticing that no cool air is generating. This is a huge red flag that something is going on with your unit, and while it may not be something extremely serious, it is important to schedule maintenance as soon as possible if this occurs.
  5. AC is Working Overtime: If you notice that your AC unit is constantly running, it may not be just because of the heat. To make sure that this is not a sign of a larger issue, and to keep your energy bills from skyrocketing, call a professional to perform some routine maintenance.

If you notice any of these signs with your AC unit, do not hesitate to give Airtech a call. Once the heat hits and your are relying on your AC unit, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong and leave you dealing with uncomfortable temperatures. Airtech will send someone out quickly to get your AC unit running efficiently again.

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