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The summer season is quickly approaching, which means our HVAC units are working hard to keep our homes comfortable and cool, and our utility bills are going up. There are many ways to lower your monthly energy costs and help your home “go green”. If you’re ready to make your home as efficient as possible, follow these 4 simple tips to “go green” this summer.

  1. Seal Your Windows and Doors: Sealing your windows and doors will prevent any warm or cold air from getting inside your home, and prevent the air inside your home from getting out. The last thing you want to do is waste money by letting warm air inside your home through small cracks in your windows and doors, resulting in your air conditioning running constantly.
  2. Control Your Thermostat: When you are not home, turn your thermostat to a warmer temperature to prevent your air conditioning from running the whole time you are out of the house. Once you get home from work or school, turn your thermostat back down to your preferred temperature. You should notice that by doing this, you’re saving on your energy bills each month, and your HVAC unit will run less throughout the day.
  3. Unplug Unused Items: Leaving items plugged in when they are not in use is a waste of energy and will cost you extra money on your electricity bill. Once you are done using your phone charger, curling iron, toaster, etc. make sure to unplug these items to save energy.
  4. Turn Off Unnecessary Water: We have all heard that we should turn off water when we are not using it, and this is a great way to save water and “go green”. When you are brushing your teeth or cleaning dishes, only have the water running when you are rinsing your toothbrush or dishes. You will be surprised to see how your water bill is lower when you are conscious of the water you are using everyday.

Try these simple tips at home to save energy, save money, and help your home become a little bit “greener”.

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