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We’re more than half way through the spring season, and summer is just around the corner. However, for those of us in the Louisville area, we are already dealing with summer-like temperatures and humidity. The last thing that you want to happen is for your HVAC unit to go out or malfunction when you are dependent on it keeping your home cool and comfortable. Regular HVAC maintenance is a great way to ensure that this does not happen to you when you least expect it. There are many reasons why you should have a regularly scheduled HVAC Tune-up, but we have narrowed it down to the top 3 reason you shouldn’t skip this home improvement project this spring.HVAC Tune-up

  1. Improve the Lifespan of your Furnace: Having regular maintenance and fixing minor issues when they arise are great ways to improve the life-span of your HVAC system. Having a professional detect small issues and fixing them quickly will prevent larger issues from arising. This will help your unit run more efficiently, allowing your unit to last 15-20 years.
  2. Lower your Monthly Energy Bills: When your HVAC is not cared for properly it has to work much harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which can greatly increase your monthly energy bills. Regular maintenance will ensure that your unit can work most efficiently to heat or cool your house, thus keeping your bills as a comfortable level.
  3. Save Money in the Long Run: Ensuring that no major issues occur with your HVAC unit is one of the main reasons to have routine maintenance. When major issues do occur they can be very costly to fix, and eventually you will need to get a new unit altogether. Maintenance that is consistent will help you not get stuck with very large bills when you least expect it.

If you are ready to schedule maintenance on your HVAC unit, call Airtech today to schedule an appointment. Our professionals are ready to inspect and detect any problems that your furnace might have, then fix the problem to relieve you of any headaches and stress in the future.

Contact us today in Louisville, Lexington, Sellersburg and surrounding areas if you are in need of a HVAC Tune-up.

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